Saturday, October 24, 2015

Tips for Making Dietary Changes

One thing I would like to emphasize when making your dietary changes or change of any kind, always start where you are and give yourself leeway, as dietary changes are challenging and change comes easier for some than for others.  Be kind and considerate to yourself and family members.  This is important because you want to be in a frame of mind that is nurturing and healing.  What you think about yourself, those you love and the changes you are making is most important.  You want these changes to become part of your lifestyle, not just a temporary change.

Unlike yesteryear, our lives are filled with more activity and irregular work hours, making our time and resources more exacting.  My first suggestion would be to look at your schedule and how you arrange your current meal times and see if changes are needed.  Are you eating to much on the go, eating out too much or is everyone responsible for themselves.

Without sounding too old fashioned, it is important to schedule some meals as a sit down occasion, whether it is just for yourself, yourself and a partner or the family.  Make your meal special.  With just a little effort you can set a nice table.  If you have linens in the closet, get them out, use them.  Nothing makes even a simple meal more elegant than a nice table cloth and cloth napkins.  If you do not have linens,  plan a special shopping trip, many stores carry reasonably priced table linens.  If you do not have the time or budget for linens,  placemats can be an artistic way to set your table, they come in various fabrics as well as easy to clean plastics and other materials.  Add heavier paper dinner napkins and you have a lovely dinner table setting that is quick and easy.  To keep costs low, use your paper dinner napkins only for your set down meals.  This is a way of honoring yourself, making some meals special and changing the way you perceive food.  You may find it so enjoyable, these special meals will become a part of your daily routine.

As you consider the changes you need to make in your relationship with food, you will find other creative ways to make this change easier, gratifying and special.  Next time we will have tips for cleaning out the cabinets, easy ways to prepare delicious, healthy meals and snacks that will fit your time and food budget, plus getting the family involved in the process.

Wishing you happy and creative changes in your endeavor to eat healthier.

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