Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wholesome Foods

Now more than ever, it is essential to take control of our health and food choices.
Rising costs, including health care, food and other necessities make budgeting an
ongoing challenge.  

Food choices can be a good way to begin a path to better health, while helping
with the budget.  Always start with fresh vegetables and fruits, organic if possible,
using canned and frozen foods as a back up.  Eliminate as many processed foods as
possible, as the body does not obtain maximum nutrition from them.  The body
thrives on  fresh food.  Fresh foods are budget friendly.  Next time you shop, notice the
difference in cost between fresh foods and pre-packaged/processed foods.  

Many times people do not like vegetables because they have become too 
accustomed to the taste and convenience of packaged foods.  These foods
may become addictive due to the additives they contain.  Do some research
and learn about additives, their side effects and how they effect food cravings. 
A good place to start, research potato chips and why it is advertised you can’t
eat just one!  Once you start learning about processed foods, it will become easier
to change your eating habits to healthier fruits and vegetables.  

Vegetables can be prepared in  many ways that are tasty and satisfying.  Now,
more than ever, internet access allows us to search for recipes for our favorite
vegetables and fruits.  There are also web sites for substitutions for ingredients
you may not have on hand.  You Tube is helpful if your vegetable preparation
skills are not up to par.  I have found it to be very beneficial for ideas of how to
cut, serve and present fruits and vegetables in a attractive manner.  You can also
find recipes on You Tube.  

Changing  habits can be a challenge to some of us, but with persistence and 
knowledge, it will become easier.  My goal with this blog is to help you live
a healthier and happier life by offering what I have learned through research and
experience.  However, the responsibility is yours to take control of you health, diet
and life.  So here's to your first step.  

Thank you for visiting our blog.
the Black Walnut “nuts”