Thursday, January 5, 2017

Food Additives and Your Health

Good nutrition can help us cope with everyday happenings, from how well we handle stress to how well we sleep at night and everything else in between.  Just as good nutrition can help us in all other facets of our lives,  so can chemical preservatives and additives cause vague symptoms of ill health and diminish our coping ability.

Chemical preservatives in our food can cause breathing difficulties, behavior change, fatigue and depression, to name a few.  Many times these symptoms begin slowly, so we do not make the connections between what we eat and how we feel.  This is a journey of observation and change.

Begin by keeping a daily record of your diet.  You will find making changes will be easier if you have a starting point. Make this record as accurate as possible, as it is important to know what you are eating so you can make lasting changes.   Keep this record long enough to see a pattern in your eating habits.  Eating and emotions are connected, so keep a record of your emotional condition as it relates to your diet and eating habits.  Keep your record as detailed as possible, as little things may be more important than you think.

Until next time, start your food journal, think and observe.  To your good health!!!

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