Saturday, July 17, 2010

Eco--Been Around a Long Time

That's right, eco is nothing new. Especially our grandparents (those of us old enough, our parents too) were eco when eco wasn't cool. My Grandmother used to make our dresses out of feed sacks. In case any of you are wondering what feed sacks are, they are the bags feed came in for livestock on the farm. Sometimes it was just plain white muslin and she made dishtowels and dishcloths out of those and sometimes tablecloths. I still have on she made.
But other feed sacks were very pretty prints, I happen to have one of those as well. They
are my textile treasures. So that's it for now. Check in for other eco news as well as other natural things. Eco to you!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Eco Friendly Dyed T-shirts

Our first recent encounter with balck walnuts was an adventure. We decided to make dye from the husks and see how it worked on t-shirts. Well, let me tell you, it works very well. We worked out a formula, tested it and were finally ready to work. Our shirts are dyed in small batches and this makes each shirt unique and "one of a kind". There is nothing like the early morning air, a cuppa joe and the dye pot brewing to remind me of the calm and beauty of an "Almost Heaven,

West Virginia" morning.

Black Walnuts

We discovered the wonders of black walnuts on trip to West Virginia a few years back. We grew up with these messy nuts, that are tough to crack, but it took a number of years to know just
how much they have to offer. They are truly worth the time and effort to harvest and use.
They are wonderful for a natural, eco-friendly dye, health and food. Stay tuned for updates on many use of this "tough nut to crack". I will end by saying we have become "nuts for nuts".