Friday, October 2, 2015

There are  many facets of healthy living. Good health is never about any one thing, it is about the balance of many things. It is sometimes challenging to integrate the changes we would like to make to create good health, so it is important to take one step at a time and be flexible and gentle with ourselves along the way.

Last time we touched on exercise and the health benefits of the simple act of walking.  I would like to add another thought for your consideration.  If you are unable to walk as much as you would like, try parking a distance from shopping or work and walk 1-5 minutes extra minutes to your destination.  Do this with each stop and it will prove to be beneficial.  Make it a habit.  For example,  if you walk 6 minutes at each stop (3 stops) you will have walked a total of 18 minutes for the day and you have integrated additional exercise into your routine. Give yourself credit for this accomplishment and continue to look for other ways to incorporate exercise during your day.  Taking the stairs instead of the elevator also comes to mind.  As you become more aware of these simple routines you will see other ways to add movement to your day.  Of course this additional activity will not replace a cardio workout, but it will add additional circulatory and breathing benefits and perhaps a feeling of well

If a more active workout is what you need, there are many places which can meet this need.  These days there are gyms, the YMCA or YWCA, or a wellness center which is part of your local hospital or health care system.  Here you can participate in many types of exercise including aerobics and water aerobics, swimming, treadmills and equipment for an upper body workout.  These scheduled classes give you something to plan for and look forward to as well as making new friends and acquaintances.
This naturally leads to less stress and a feeling of well being and belonging.

Always consult your physician before embarking on any exercise routine.

Our best wishes to you and yours for good health, happiness, prosperity, peace and love.
the Black Walnut "Nuts"

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